Bridging the Digital Gap Through Standards & Technology
Our program is delivered via both face-to-face and distance learning modules, a total of 95 hours of instructional time.

Face-to-face workshop: It starts on August 8, 2012 when the participants come to the University of Iowa campus for three days. During this time, we will provide intensive training in the three main goal areas of our program for six hours a day.

Distance learning module: In the first three weeks of the online module, the participants receive instruction for five hours a week. This time is devoted to watching pre-recorded lectures, engaging
in self-paced asynchronous practice, and participating in asynchronous apply-and-share activities.  In the next four weeks, the participants create their learning objects and each of them receives individual assistance from the instructors for up to two hours a week.

Capstone online conference:The two-hour online conference on September 29th for all participants, consultants and the core team of instructors will become a capstone moment of our program.