Dr. Svetlana Elnikova, Consultant

Bridging the Digital Gap Through Standards & Technology

Dr. Elnikova currently holds the position of an Associate Professor
and Assistant Dean of the Department of Testing at the Patrice Lumumba
Peoples' Friendship University in Moscow, Russia. She also is the
Director of the International Testing Center. Dr. Elnikova has worked
at the People's Friendship University since 1988 and is widely known
as a distinguished specialist in methods of teaching Russian as a
foreign language with a focus on oral and written translation,
testing, and pragmatics. In the last 20 years, she has been active in
teaching and research in the areas of translation, computer-based
linguodidactics, distance education, and testing. Dr. Elnikova
authored more than 20 works in the methods of teaching Russian a as a foreign language.