Dr. Marina Kostina, Instructional Lead

Bridging the Digital Gap Through Standards & Technology
Marina Kostina, Ph.D., is a CEO of Wired@Heart and a distance learning consultant. She entered the field of distance learning in 2004 working on integrating technology into Russian curriculum at Noble Street Charter High School. As a Chair of World Language Department at that school, Dr. Kostina aligned this high school program according to ACTFL language standards and collaborated with Northwestern University and the University of Chicago’s Russian programs to align her high school language curriculum to ensure smooth transition of her graduates to the college-level Russian. Later, as the Director of Assessments she taught online at the American College of Education she has held several leading DL positions, including Director of Educational Technology at the Institute of International Education of Students (IES abroad), and Learning Object Developer at Blended Schools. She has trained educators from over forty countries in educational technology, DL pedagogy and psychological aspects of online learning. She holds
monthly webinars for the Laureate International Universities (over 20 colleges) and Blended Schools (includes teachers from over 100 schools in Pennsylvania). Her passion for technology resulted in her doctorate study on autonomy, dialogue and satisfaction of students in a Russian language web-based classroom.